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Blockchain Innovation: Interviewing The Brightest Minds In Blockchain

Jul 6, 2017

Brian Behlendorf is a legend in the open software movement. He is one of the creators of Apache – server software that powers most websites on the internet.

He currently serves as Executive Director of Hyperledger – one of the most prominent Blockchain consortiums in the world.

His list of accomplishments in the tech industry is beyond impressive: 

  • Technology Advisor – White House & 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign
  • President – Apache Software Foundation
  • CTO – World Economic Forum
  • Managing Director – Mithril Capital Management (venture capital firm)
  • Board member – Mozilla Foundation, Benetech, Electronic Frontier Foundation 

In this episode, Brian and I discuss the history of Hyperledger, the 8 projects under the Hyperledger banner (including several interesting use cases), and what Brian really thinks about the current ICO and cryptocurrency craze.