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Blockchain Innovation: Interviewing The Brightest Minds In Blockchain

Nov 22, 2017

Lisa Cheng is the Founder and Head of Research & Development for the Vanbex Group. Vanbex is a full stack professional services and development company specializing in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.


Lisa is also an advisor for emerging tech startups and has expertise in business development and product strategy. Her background includes Fortune 500 companies, enterprise sales, big data, and SaaS.


In this episode, we discuss:


  • How Lisa got let go from several jobs and was on unemployment before working for organizations like the Ethereum Foundation and Mastercoin (now known as Omni)

  • How she became the Founder of the Vanbex Group

  • And how Vanbex’s Etherparty project raised $30 million in its ICO pre-sale